How to Prepare and Maintain Your Charcoal Grill

Whenever people hear about maintaining something they get very cause about it, people need to understand that whatever they buy they need to take care of it or else the appliance would leave it’s charm soon or sooner so taking care is very important, I have a TO-DO list for all the charcoal grill owners.

Things you need to do in the beginning of the season –

1. Check if there is anything on your grill from the last season and if yes then just dispose of them, use a noncombustible container.

2. If you are facing any difficulty in cleaning the grill then heat your grate for 30 minutes, once heated use a stiff wire brush to remove the leftovers or you can use onion slice.

3. After cleaning the grates you need to wash the outside of your grill’s lid and the firebox, use warm water and your warm water needs to be soapy.

4. If there are any stubborn stains then you must use steel wool soap pad

5. Let it dry

6. Check your coal stock, must have ample supply

Things you need to do every time you use it-

1. Check your stock before you start grilling because I don’t think you would like running to a store nearby in the middle of grilling to get more charcoal.

2. Every single time you use it then you have to clean the grates, heat the grill and then clean the grates

3. Oil the grates, it helps in preventing the food to stick to your grill. If you oil your grates and then something falls on it, you can easily clean it by just folding a paper towel, by dipping it into vegetable oil and then by rubbing it on the grate and do repeat oiling it once you are done grilling as it helps you to prevent rusting.

4. Oiling gives great smoky flavor.

Things you need to do when the season ends

1. Make sure that you clean it, make sure you remove all the ashes and when you dispose of them at that time use noncombustible container.

2. Don’t even think of washing it till the next season because the oil that u used would help to prevent rusting.

If you would follow all the instructions given by me your charcoal grill won’t leave its charm and in the coming future you won’t find a need to buy a Char-Griller Charcoal Grilling Machine or any other grill and I’m personally in love with charcoal grills as we can’t only use them as a grill but a smoker as well. So if you take care of the grill you are simply taking care of the smoker as well and you what is the best think about charcoal grills? They give you the best authentic flavor and believe no electric or wood pellet grill or smoker can ever compete with the charcoal grill I don’t know about you but as my charcoal grill is my choice I m going to take care of it I hope you should do the same.

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