Pellet Grills : Why Does Weber Lead the Market?

People say Weber is expensive and keep questioning if its worth and some say that it is the best because it is expensive. to be honest, I consider it to be the best and I do have a reason pick up any year’s consumer report and all you would see is weber winning and the product that weber sells is said to be premium and of high quality. I do understand that Pit Boss Pellet Smokers are expensive but they are expensive because the company uses the best raw material.

Weber is leading the market of indoor grills, smokers, and BBQ because they note what their consumers are complaining about once there were some complaints about the steel and that the grades weren’t holding enough heat so what they did was to switch the iron. the problem with most of the companies is that they don’t give enough weight to the customer complains if you won’t listen to the complaint how would you improve ? for instance imagine you have a child who goes to school and he is making some spelling mistakes but the teacher ignores them. What would happen? you child you never get to know about his mistakes and if he won’t know about his or her mistake how would she or he improve them ? just like that, all the companies need to start listening to their customers.

The second thing that makes weber to be the best is the competition in the market, everyone in the market wants to be the best so they all are in a completion but what weber wants is to supply the best product every year weber improves itself.

If I ask you to go out in your neighborhood and ask your neighbors about weber would you? Just go and ask them which companies grill they are using you would be amazed you would at least find 2-3 grill to be of weber in your own neighborhood and I can bet on this.

The way weber take care of the raw materials and the complaint is one thing and the other thing is that the way they sell their product they have built their own brand identity in at least 40 years. People are loyal to this brand as this brand is loyal towards them.

3 things that weber takes care of are –

1. Customers

2. Quality

3. Improvement.

Any brand can lead the market if they take care of the thing that they are supplying it is very difficult to build the trust of the buyers but once you build it and maintain it you simply win and weber does it, weber doesn’t take any short cut it simply walks on the safe path , it doesn’t cheat it buyers by buying cheap raw material. Weber buys the best raw material to make each and every product of the company I know it is expensive but it is a long-term investment you can save for a while and buy or else you can buy any cheap grill and then keep repairing it and while repairing spend the same amount that you could have spent on any of the weber’s grill

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