Chef Enzo Fargione

Growing up in Torino, Italy, Chef Enzo learned to love cooking via his mother’s example at a very early age and has never stopped. At fourteen, he enrolled in The Professional Culinary Institute in Turin, Italy and finished at the top of his class. In 1986, after having worked in numerous restaurants, fate would play a hand in his future: though only seventeen, the Chef packed his bags and became the first head Chef at the Little Italy Gourmet in San Diego California. A few months later, he joined Galileo restaurant as head chef in Washington, DC. and ran a four star kitchen.Between then and now, Enzo has earned success and respect in the culinary world while working and owning numerous and successful Washington DC restaurants such as Donna Adele, the Radicchio restaurant chain, the acclaimed fine dining Barolo on Capitol Hill, the Italian tapas restaurant concept Atrium in West Palm Beach, Florida and working as Executive Chef/Consultant at Teatro Goldoni restaurant.

Throughout the years he has earned two nominations for The Chef of the Year by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington; won a few national awards and was recognized by magazines and newspapers across the country for the authenticity and for his approach to modern Italian cooking as well as his playful inventiveness.

With unflagging energy, Chef Fargione still finds time to teach cooking classes where he passes on his personalized vision of modern cooking as well as attending and supporting local charity events with his fellow chefs. Chef Enzo is an active and proud member of the James Beard Foundation where he regularly cooks and appears in its kitchen in New York City.

Enzo Fargione“Success is based on respect for your profession and the continuous hunger to learn from it.” Chef Enzo Fargione