Cuisinart CPC 600 vs EPC-1200 PC

The art of cooking in homemaking is the quintessential process as it not only ensures a healthy living but also a better lifestyle. With such an overrated remark on cooking, provision of some knowledge must be there with regard to pressure cooking as the perks and benefits of it are quite important to be considered. For all you health conscious older people, Cuisinart has a great collection of electric pressure cookers each with different attributes. Most of you believe that pressure cooking is not such a good option for a healthy meal. But with Cuisinart’s electric pressure cookers, these stereotypes just vanish into thin air. You can easily cook a healthy and delicious dinner with little oil and even boil vegetables without losing nutritional values. It is news but here is a follow-up on Cuisinart’s CPC 600 vs EPC-1200 pressure cookers. Choose what is best for you and your health.


  • Cuisinart CPC 600 Pressure cooker

Belonging to one of the top home brands, this electric pressure cooker is the best-rated pressure cooker amongst its kinds. With an easy control panel and touch buttons, it is quite in demand among buyers. It is very capable of providing a tasty and nutritious meal and also ensures safety at use. The cook time is 99 minutes at any heating level – low or high. For starters and first timers, it is advisable to keep track of the time and practise a recipe while pressure cooking. Being cheaper than the EPC 1200 gives it an advantage over it. The kind of fast cooking people look for is right here in this cooker. It is capable of maintaining pressure and cooking perfect food for all big and small occasions. There is also a quick pressure release which can release the pressure within the cooker in about 15-30 minutes. So, it is quite easy to use with the know-how. Also, the machine requires attention while being used as it is electrically conducted. But benefits for the first timers still persist because it switches its low-high or warm-hot modes according to the food that is being cooked. Having a non-stick pot with a fairly good thickness, it is easy to clean. It has all the good features an ideal electric pressure cooker possesses and can cook the right meal for the right moment.


  • Cuisinart EPC 1200 Pressure Cooker


EPC 1200 is yet another model of the UK’s top home brands with features similar to that of the CPC 600. But both of these have their differences of cosmetic. One has silver handles and the other has black ones. So, if you are looking for a good looking model, go for CPC 1200. The functions and complexity the models bear make no difference. With the same pressure release system and the ease of wash, both of these cookers play the same part in a homemaker’s life. The CPC 1200 model is also sold through this American company COSTCO, otherwise it is expensive and a little difference in the size as it being bigger remains.



If you are not that spendthrift and luxury oriented person, then what is the wait. CPC 600 is the cooker you ought to be using your platinum cards for.