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How to Make the Most Out of a Pressure Canner

Pressure canners can be a bit tricky at use. But believe me, once you get a hold at it, you are going to be one standing aside in the crowd. Yeah! There is a wide variety of food that can be canned but not everyone knows it. It’s very convenient as a lot of homemade food can be canned and used with homemade pressure canning. It’s also a great way to store food and have your own pantry. All kinds of non-acid foods should be canned in pressure canners like beef, poultry, vegetables, sea food, etc. Even tomato sauces can be canned which is really great. So, all of you excited pressure canning maniacs, just prepare to be amazed because here are some great ways to make your pressure canner more into use.

  • Basics in Pressure Canning

Pressure canners are best for low acid foods. This is one hurdle most canning enthusiasts face. Vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry and sea food are low acid foods recommended for pressure canning. Also this food serves purpose for everyday meals and is best to be preserved. It’s economical and also proves to be a well balanced diet. Such low acid foods are easy to preserve but also be checked for spoilage. Thus, pressure canning is the process which eliminates rotting and ensure health.


  • Equipment Used in Canning

As complex as it sounds, pressure canning doesn’t require much tools. It’s just some factors like your family size that would matter. If you are single or a couple then it’s better to choose a smaller canner and a family with kids would surely require a bigger canner to meet everyday needs. Different c canning jars are also needed like pint sized jars and quint sized jars which are the quintessential role players. Gaskets too need to be replaced in a Pressure Canner from time to time. It takes a long time till it wears out but still you need to check it once in a while for any cracks and even oil it occasionally. It is also essential to buy jar lifters, lids and even rings to hold the lids to the jars.


  • Sweet Canning

There are also some other garden fresh fruits that can be canned for jams and jellies which are craved no less than other canned items. At different levels peaches, pears and nectarines can also be canned. Plums, tomatoes and applesauce don’t lag behind in the same because if there is more than enough fruit for the family in your garden then these sides will surely give a sweet, delicious taste to the food you eat.


  • Measures while Canning

While Canning may seem a bit exciting from afar and it really is but there are certain measures which need to be looked at. Try being careful after canning, the steam is too hot and can do damage. Even there can be malfunction in the dial which is risky because it may go bad anytime. Finally, there also is a need to check the canning jars for any damage on the caps.



Look, here you are, all ready to become a canning addict with such resourceful content. After canning, just sit back and enjoy people having the best food ever.