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How to choose the perfect brisket for your electric smoker

Smoking is one of the ways to find the right excuse for a gathering and smoking a brisket is where you don’t even need a reason. It is going to be a celebration for sure. All you need is the right kind of brisket to go with the smoking. Mind that smoking is not for everyone. It needs a lot of forbearances as it is known that unlike grilling, smoking is done on very low heat. With this drawback choosing the right brisket becomes inevitable. Briskets can be very treacherous. You never know when you lose sight of the perfect brisket. Smoking may take days, so hot smoking is advisable which ensures a fully cooked meat without any repair to be looked after later.

  • All About A Brisket

Brisket is prominently referred to beef or veal but it can also be related any meat obtained from an animal’s breast. It seems to be a tough portion of the animal’s body with strong muscles with your electric smoker machine, it turns out to be an excellent summer dinner. It is not such a big deal if you are confused finding the right brisket, softer and perfect. There are different choices of people’s appeal to meat. Traditionally, most of them prefer fat meat and with smoking a brisket, more the fact better the brisket. Subsequently, you will get to know the brisket better. Just keep following.


  • Choosing the Meat

Here, all that is needed is to be careful about the cut of the meat. Choose the one which has a thicker, good layer of fat on one side than the other. This tends to keep the meat moist while smoking. Also, briskets in a round shape cook just perfectly than the square ones. Try selecting a meat which has an equal thickness on all sides. You sure don’t want to disappoint friends by leaving portions of the meat raw.


  • Feeling the Brisket

Touch is a way in which the right brisket can be easily sensed. It needs to be as tender as possible despite its usual harshness. Hold it your hands in order to balance it across. Just the same would assure you the weight and equity in the meat. Bending the meat would help a lot as it ensures the softness. Choosing a thick and fat meat is the best way to moisten it while smoking. Also, buy around 8-10 pound of a brisket which would be just right for the gathering you expect.


  • Essential Pre-Smoking Hacks

While in the process of choosing the right brisket, deep red meat is to be looked for as it dictates freshness and even the fat should be incorporated in the whole brisket, not just the top portion. Now, the fat cap which is the fat on top should be white. This combination of deep red and white is all you need to be craving for the brisket. Prior to smoking, the brisket must be not be frozen as it is likely to lose its tenderness. Remove extremely hard chunks of fat off the brisket. Marinating is not the best option with a brisket. Massaging it with a light cooking oil does justice to it similarly.